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 Social Mixed Bowls

Social Bowls are played every Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. (Note that competition bowls may take precedence over social bowls during the summer season) 

Names need to be in by 12:45 pm. Names can be put in by phone from around 12:15 pm, with games starting around 01:15 pm. 


Corporate Bowls

Coordinator: Arthur Becroft

The 10 round competition commences in November each year and finishes in February with a break over Christmas and New Year. The top teams  represent the Club in the finals and the Champion team has the opportunity to compete in the State Finals


Round 1            07/11/2018

Round 2           14/11/2018

Round 3           21/11/2018

Round 4           28/11/2018

Round 5           05/12/2018

Round 6          12/12/2018

Round 7          09/01/2019

Round 8          16/01/2019       

Round 9          30/01/2019    

Round 10        06/02/2019     

Spare wk        13/02/2019

Finals              20/02/2019          



The pennant competition is an inter club event which is played over 14 weeks during the season, All of the Clubs in the Lower Great Southern Bowling League (LGSBL) participate in Men's and Women's divisions

Ladies Pennants commence on October13th 2018

Men's pennants commence on

October 27th 2018


Championship Events

These events are open to all full members of the Club.

The winners of the Club Championship events go on to represent the Club at League events 


Annual Major Events open for entry from any Club or Individual. Please refer to the events page for a detailed calendar.


Opening Day Saturday 15 th October 2018

Camerons Caravans Open Mixed Triples - Wednesday 19th October 2018

Patrons Day 

Ladies All Sorts Pairs

AFL Grand Final lunch


Men's $Shot Classic Triples 


Corporate Bowls commence

Melbourne Cup Lunch

Traders Day open Men's Pairs


Wog's day Open Mixed Pairs

Albany Men's Classic Pairs


Albany Autumn Carnival Fours

Bill Kingston Mixed Fours

Ladies Invitation Triples


Monster raffle

Rainbow Coast Insurance Mixed Triples

Australia vs Rest of the World

Closing Day

Hall Of Fame


Championships 2018/19


Men's Singles -R Nichols


 Men's Pairs - R Nichols - N Beech


  Men's Triples - T Scott- K Thompson

- D Leese


Men's Fours -D King- S Harris-B Jones-


G Bain

Men's 100 up : T Wright



Men's Set Pairs :  A Wood & R Nichols





 Ladies Singles - N  Sharpe


Ladies Pairs - L Mann & C Radford


Ladies Triples - L Wilmont-D Bevilaqua & A Hunter


Ladies Fours - L Wilmont- D Bevilaqua-

A Hunter & N Sharpe



Player of the Year


Men's     R Nichols


Women's   N Sharpe

























Should you have any queries about events or fixtures please contact one of the following at the club or send an email using the form on the "Contact Us" page


Men's Fixtures and Events         Don King       (Captain)  2018-19

                                                         Norm Beech (Vice Captain) 2018-19

Ladies Fixtures and Events        G Stutley      (Captain)  2018-19

                                                         C Radford    (Vice Captain) 2018-19

General Enquiries                        Alan Barnett        (Secretary)


A full list of our Club Fixtures and events  appears below.



Club Fixtures 2018-19



Wed       5th      Ladies Meeting 11 am 

Sat         8th         Social

 Wed     12th        Social

Sat       15th       Opening Day (Whites or Club  Colours)                                    

Sun       16th       Mt Barker Golf Mixed Fours

Wed      19th        Cameron's Caravans Open Mixed Triples

Sat        22nd      Social- Mandurah Cup

                                   Ladies 2 bowls Singles

Sun       23rd       Mandurah Cup

                            Ladies 2 Bowls Singles

Tues     25th        Mid Beach Mixed Triples           

Wed      26th        Social


 Sat        29th      Social  AFL Grand Final                

 Sun       30th        Men's Club Drawn Pairs

                                    Ladies 100up start




Tues      2nd     Men's $ Shot Classic Triples

Wed      3rd         Men's $ Shot Classic Triples

Sat        6th        Ladies 100up Cont

                                 Men's 100 Up

Sun       7th        Men's 100 Up cont

 Wed     10th     Social


Sat      13th      Ladies Pennants Rd 1  

                               Men's Set Pairs

Sun      14th      Men's Set Pairs -cont

Tues    16th      Mid Beach Men's 4's

Wed     17th      Social

                               Mid Beach Men's 4's

Thurs  18th       Ladies All Sorts pairs

Fri       19th       Ladies All Sorts pairs

Sat      20th       Ladies Pennants Rd 2

                               Men's Pennants Practice

Sun     21st       Men's Club Drawn Fours

Tues   23rd      Denmark mixed Triples

Wed    24th      Social

                              Ladies club drawn fours

Sat     27th       Ladies Pennants Rd 3

                               Men's Pennants Rd 1

Sun     28th        Cranbrook - men's pairs


Tues   30th       Mid Beach - Bethany mixed triples  

 Wed   31st      Social-

                        Ladies club drawn triples


Thurs   1st           Mixed 4,s Emu Point 

 Fri       2nd        

Sat      3rd          Ladies Pennants Rd 4 

                               Men's Pennants Rd 2

Sun     4th        Traders Day Open Men's Pairs

Tues   6th          Melbourne Cup Day

Wed    7th        Promotional Bowls 1


Thurs  8th       

Fri       9th        

Sat   10th         Ladies Pennants Rd 5

                             Men's Pennants Rd 3

Sun     11th        Ladies Championship Pairs - Start   12th         Men's Championship Pairs

Tues    13th        Mt Barker - Bethany Mixed Pairs

Wed     14th        Walpole Men,s Triples

                              Promotional Bowls Rd 2

Thurs     15th     Ladies Denmark Gala Day

Sat          17th     Ladies pennants Rd 6

                             Men's Pennants Rd 4

Sun       18th      Ladies Championship Pairs Continued 

                            Men's Championship  Pairs -Continued 

Tues     20th       Mid Beach - Mens pairs

                             Ladies - Cranbrook gala day  

Wed       21st       Social

                             Promotional Bowls Rd 3

Thurs    22nd    Emu Point Mixed Fours /

Sat         24th      Men's Pennants Rd 5

                             Mt Barker Golf  Ladies ILRR pairs 

Sun        25th     Mt Barker Golf  Ladies ILRR pairs 

Wed       28th    Social

                           Promotional Bowls Rd 4

Thurs     29th      Mid Beach - Ladies classic fours  

Fri           30th     Mid Beach - Ladies classic fours



Sat            1       Ladies Pennants Rd 7

                           Men's Pennants Rd 6

Sun           2       Ladies Championship Fours-Start

                           Men's Championship Fours

Tues `      4      Mt Barker mixed fours

Wed          5     Social- Promotional Bowls R5


Thurs        6      Denmark - Men's Open Triples

Sat            8      Ladies pennants Rd 8

                          Men's pennants Rd7

Sun          9        Half Yearly Meeting- Men's    Champ       4's   am- Christmas Lunch

Tues        11        Cranbrook Mixed Pairs 

Wed        12       Social-Promotional Bowls R6

 Fri          14       Ladies Frankland Gala Day

Sat          15        Ladies Pennants Rd 9

                            Men's Pennants Rd 8

Sun        16        Reserved for Men's unplayed

                            Pennants  (if required)

                            Ladies Championship Fours  continued

Tues       18     Mid Beach - mixed fours

Wed       19      Social - Ladies club drawn pairs

Sat         22     Social- Ladies Pennant R10

Mon      24      Christmas Day 

Tues      25     Boxing day

Wed      26     Social

Thurs    27    

 Sat       29     Social- Ladies Drawn Sets Pairs



Tues       1st       Wogs Day Mixed pairs

Wed       3rd        Social 

 Sat         5th       Denmark - men's fours carnival-                            Ladies Pennant R11

Sun        6th        Denmark - men's fours carnival- Ladies Championship Singles Start

Tues     8th        Emu point - Men's Invitation Fours 

Wed      9th        Social -    Corporate Bowls Rd7

                            Emu Point - Men's Invitation Fours

                            Walpole mixed fours

 Fri         11th    Esperance - Men's ILRR Fours

Sat         12th    Ladies pennants Rd 12

                            Esperance - Men's ILRR Fours

Sun        13th    Esperance - Men's ILRR Fours

                            Mt Barker Mixed 5's

Tues      15th     Mt Barker Golf - Men's Invitation Fours 

Wed       16th    Social

                            Corporate Bowls Rd 8   

                            Men's invitation Fours Mt Barker Golf

Sat         19th      Ladies Pennants Rd 13

                              Men's Championship Triples

Sun        20th       Men's Championship Triples

                             Ladies Championship Singles- Cont 

Tues      22nd      Men's Classic Pairs 

Wed      23rd       Men's Classic Pairs

Thurs    24th       Ladies Hopetoun Classic

Fri          25th      Ladies Hopetoun Classic

Sat         26th       Social - Australia Day

Sun       27th       Men's Club Drawn 4's      

Wed       30th     Corporate Bowls Rd 9

                            Ted Daniels Memorial 1.30pm Start




Sat            2nd   Mens IZRR Emu Point

                             Ladies League Pairs Albany

 Sun         3rd    Cranbrook - Men's split fours & pairs

                            Mens IZRR Emu Point 

                            Ladies League Pairs Albany

Tues      5th`      Denmark - mixed fours

Wed       6th       Social- Promotional Bowls R10

                             Walpole - Ladies Gala day    


Fri           8th       Ladies  ILLR Fours Esperance

Sat          9th       Men's Pennant R9

                             Ladies ILLR Fours Esperance


Sun        10th     Ladies ILLR Fours Esperance

                             Men's Championship Singles- Start


Tues       12th    Mt Barker Golf Mixed Pairs

Wed         13th   Social

                             Unplayed Promotional Bowls if reqd

Thurs      14th     Frankland Mixed Pairs 

Sat           16th    Men's Pennants  Rd 10

                            Beverley IZRR ladies pairs 


Sun          17th   Beverley IZRR ladies  pairs 

                            Men's Championship Singles Cont     


Wed         20th    Social

                              Promotional Bowls Finals 

Thurs      21st    Mt Barker Golf ladies classic

  Fri          22nd    Mt Barker Golf ladies classic

Sat           23rd     Men's Pennants  Rd 11

Ladies Pennant R14 Wind up Mid Bch 10.30 start

 Sun       24th       Walpole Men' Fours

-                            Ladies championship Triples 8.15 start

Tues     26th        Ladies Mid Bch Fours

Wed      27th         Social

Thurs   28th        Emu Point Mixed Pairs


MARCH 2019 

Fri           1st        Start Men's Country Week

Sat          2nd      Social

                           Denmark Mixed 4's Carnival

Sun         3rd     Denmark Mixed 4's Carnival  

Mon       4th      Men's Country Week

Tue         5th     Men's Country Week         

Wed       6th      Men's Country Week  -     Social

   Ladies Championship Triples cont if needed

Thurs     7th      Men's Country Week

Fri          8th      Men's Country Week

Sat        9th        Men’s Pennants R12

                           Dunsborough- Ladies IZRR fours 

Sun      10th      Green Range Triples Men's   

                           Dunsborough - Ladies IZRR fours              

Tue      12th           Emu Pt - Men’s Invitation Pairs 

Wed     13th           Social

                               Emu Pt -Men’s Invitation Pairs

Thurs    14th         Mt Barker Golf Men's Triples


Sat         16th         Men’s Pennants  Rd 13

                               Ladies League Singles Emu Point

Sun      17th         Men's FranklandTriples

                              Ladies League Singles Emu Point 

 Wed     20th        Jean Thompson Memorial 1.30pm

Fri         22nd        Mt Barker Gala Day

Sat         23rd       Men's pennant R14

Sun        24th       Unplayed Pennants

Mon      25th       Women's Country Week

Tue        26th       Walpole – Mixed Pairs

                              Women's Country Week

Wed      27th        Social - Mid Bch Men's Triples

                             Women's Country Week

Thurs    28th      Women's Country Week

                             Mid Bch Men's Triples

Fri           29th     Women's Country Week

Sat         30th      Women's Country Week

                              Pennant Finals All Divisions

Sun       31st        Women's Country Week

  Pennant Finals 1st Div & unplayed  Finals 2nd and 3rd Div


APRIL 2019

Wed       3rd          Social

                               Mt Barker - Ladies Gala Day


Sat         6th           Ladies League Fours @ Walpole

                               Unplayed Pennants if needed

Sun       7th             Ladies League Fours @ Walpole


Tue        9th          Emu Point Ladies triples

Wed    10th          Social-Emu Point Ladies triples

Thu       11th       Golf Men's Triples               

Sat      13th         League 4's & Singles @ Mt Barker

                              Ladies League Triples @ Mid Bch 

 Sun      14th      League 4's & Singles @ Mt Barker

                             Ladies League Triples @ Mid Bch 

 Tues     16th       Autumn Carnival Fours & Pairs


Wed      17th      Autumn Carnival Fours & Pairs

Thurs     18th     Ladies Fridge and Washer City Inv Triples 

Fri            19th     Easter          

Sat          20th      Easter


Sun        21st       Easter         

 Mon      22nd     Easter                 


Wed         24th      Social

 Thurs      25th     Legacy Day mixed pm               

Sat           27th      Men's League Triples@ Walpole

                               Men's League Pairs @ Cranbrook

Sun         28th      Men's League Triples@ Walpole

                               Men's League Pairs @ Cranbrook



MAY 2019               

Wed      1 st        Social- Esperance Ladies Carnival          

Thurs    2nd        Esperance Ladies Carnival    

Fri          3rd        Esperance Ladies Carnival                         

Sat          4th         Men's Unplayed League Events (if req.)


                            Esperance Ladies Carnival 

Sun        5th        Men's Unplayed League Events (if req.) 

 Tues     7th        Mid Bch Mixed Triples                  

Wed      8th         Rainbow Coast Insurance (mixed)


Sat         11th        MONSTER CASH RAFFLE

                               Unplayed League Events

Sun        12th        Mothers Day - Social

Wed      15th         Social 

Sat     `  18th      Peter Watson Day pm


Sun        19th         Closing Day- AGM 9AM

                             Lunch - Wind up and Presentations