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 Bowls WA 

Ladies  Pennants and Events


Club Pennant Selectors:



Unplayed pennants  

Sunday 15th December 2019 has beenset aside to play any pennant games that are postponed for any reason


Pennant Presentations

The Pennant presentations will be held at the Mt Barker Golf   immediately following the conclusion of the round 14 Pennant fixtures .Round 14 starts at 10.30am


League Events

Dec 15th reserved unplayed pennants

Mar 14 & 15 League singles Cranbrook

Apr 18 &19 League Pairs at  Frankland

Apr 26 & 27 League Triples  at  Mt Barker

Jan 11 & 12 League Fours at Walpole

Nov 23 & 24  ILRR Pairs at Brookton

Feb  7th 8th & 9th ILLR Fours at Kulin

Feb 15 & 16 IZRR Pairs at Northern Zone

April 4 & 5 IZRR Fours at Emu Point



State Events 2019-20

Oct 12 & 13  State Fours

Nov 14, 15 & 16 State Pairs - Over 60's

Nov 27 , 28 , 29  State Triples - Over 60's

Dec 11,12,13  State Pairs

Feb 12,13,14 State Singles - Over 60's

Mar 22 Country v Metro

Mar 23rd-29th Country Week Ladies

April 18,19 ,20 State Triples

Apr  Champion Club Singles

Apr 26,27th  Novice Singles 




Annual Major Events open for entry from any Club or Individual. Please refer to the events page for a detailed calendar.


Opening Day Saturday 14/10/19- Pending match committee confirmation

Camerons  Caravans Open Mixed Triples - Wednesday  18/10/19  - Pending   match committee  confirmation.

Patrons Day 

AFL Grand Final lunch


Men's $Shot Classic Triples 

Ladies Invitation Pairs


Corporate Bowls commence

Melbourne Cup Lunch

Traders Day open Men's Pairs


Wog's day Open Mixed Pairs

Albany Men's Classic Pairs


Albany Autumn Carnival Fours

Ladies Invitation Triples


Rainbow Coast Insurance Mixed Triples

Australia vs Rest of the World

Closing Day

Should you have any queries about pennant fixtures please contact one of the following


Ladies Fixtures and Events

Glynis Stutley     (Captain)


General Enquiries

Alan Barnett        (Secretary)









If you want to see where our teams are placed on the pennant ladder click on the link below or use the links on the "Links/Documents" page.



FIRST DIVISION                                                                                    SECOND DIVISON


Round 1 5th October                                                                Round 1 5th October         

Mid Beach Green     v    Denmark                                                   Albany  White        v      Denmark

Emu Point                  v    Mid Beach White                                     Mid Beach Red      v      Emu Point

Albany Gold               v    Albany Brown                                          Frankland               v       Cranbrook

Walpole                      v    Mt Barker Golf                                         Mt Barker  Bye


Round 2   12th October                                                                      Round 2   12th October 

Albany Green             v    Emu Point                                               Denmark                  v        Frankland  

Denmark                     v    Walpole                                                  Cranbrook                v       Albany White

Mt Barker Golf           v    Mid Beach Green                                  Emu Point                v        Mt Barker

Mid Beach White       v    Albany Gold                                           Mid Bch Red   Bye


Round 3   19th October                                                                     Round 3   19th October  

Mid Beach Green      v    Mid Beach White                                 Albany White             v        Emu Point

Emu Point                    v    Albany Gold                                         Mid Bch Red              v       Mt Barker

Mt Barker Golf            v    Denmark                                              Cranbrook                 v         Denmark

Walpole                       v    Albany Green                                        Frankland   Bye


Round 4    26th    October                                                              Round 4  26th October

  Albany Green            v   Mid Beach Green                                  Denmark                  v       Mid Bch Red

 Denmark                    v    Emu Point                                              Mt Barker                 v        Cranbrook

 Albany Gold               v    Mt Barker Golf                                      Emu Point                v      Frankland

 Walpole                      v    Albany Green                                        Albany White   Bye




Round 5    2nd   November                                                              Round 5   2nd  November

Mid Beach Green      v    Albany Gold                                         Albany White              v      Mt Barker

Denmark                     v    Emu Point                                            Denmark                     v        Emu Point

Albany Gold                v    Mt Barker  Golf                                   Frankland                   v        Mid Bch Red

Mid Bch White            v    Walpole                                              Cranbrook    Bye


Round 6    9th  November                                                              Round 6   9th   November

Albany Green            v    Denmark                                              Mid Beach Red           v        Albany White

Emu Point                  v    Mid Beach Green                                 Mt Barker                   v        Frankland  

 Mt Barker Golf        v    Albany Green                                        Emu Point                   v        Cranbrook

Walpole                     v     Emu Point                                              Denmark    Bye


Round 7  16th   November                                                             Round 7  16th November

Albany Green          v    Mid Beach White                                   Cranbrook                    v       Mid Bch Red

Denmark                  v    Albany Gold                                            Frankland                    v        Albany White

Mt Barker Golf        v    Emu Point                                               Denmark                      v      Mt Barker

Walpole                    v    Mid Beach Green                                 Emu Point   Bye


Round 8   30th  November                                                              Round 8    30th  November

Denmark                   v        Mid Beach Green                              Denmark                     v            Albany White

Mid Beach White     v        Emu Point                                          Emu Point                    v            Mid Bch Red

Albany Green           v         Albany Gold                                      Cranbrook                   v           Frankland

Mt Barker Golf         v         Walpole                                             Mt Barker     Bye


Round 9    7th      December                                                                Round 9    7th  December

Emu Point                v        Albany Green                                       Frankland                   v            Denmark

Walpole                    v        Denmark                                               Albany White             v            Cranbrook

Mid Beach Green   v        Mt Barker Golf                                      Mt Barker                  v            Emu Point

Albany Gold            v        Mid Beach White                                 Mid Bch Red   Bye


Sunday 15th December - Reserved for unplayed pennants 1st and 2nd Division


Round 10   14th   December                                                                   Round 10    14th December

Mid Beach White      v        Mid Beach Green                              Emu Point                  v            Albany White

Albany Gold               v        Emu    Point                                         Mt Barker                 v           Mid Bch Red

Denmark                    v        Mt Barker Golf                                   Denmark                    v           Cranbrook

Albany Green            v       Walpole                                               Frankland   Bye


Round 11    18th   January                                                                  Round 11   18th  January

Mid Beach Green     v        Albany Green                                    Mid Bch Red                v            Denmark

Emu Point                  v        Denmark                                            Cranbrook                   v            Mt Barker

Mt Barker Golf          v        Albany Gold                                        Frankland                   v           Emu Point

Walpole                      v        Mid Beach White                              Albany White  Bye


Round 12    1st  February                                                                   Round 12 1st  February

Albany Gold               v        Mid Beach Green                               Mt Barker                 v            Albany White

Mid Beach White      v        Denmark                                             Emu Point                  v            Denmark

Albany Green            v        Mt Barker Golf                                   Mid Bch Red              v            Frankland

Emu Point                  v        Walpole       

  Round 13                  22nd February                                                Round 13    22nd   February

Denmark                     v          Albany Green                                 Albany White             v            Mid Beach Red

Mid Beach Green      v          Emu Point                                       Frankland                   v            Mt Barker

Walpole                       v          Albany Gold                                   Cranbrook                  v           Emu Point

Mt Barker Golf           v          Mid Beach White                           Denmark     Bye


Round 14    7th March   (10:30 am)                                          Round 14    7th March   (10:30 am)

Mid Beach White      v            Albany Green                                 Mid Bch Red              v            Cranbrook   

Albany Gold               v            Denmark                                         Albany White             v            Frankland

Emu Point                   v            Mt Barker Golf                               Mt Barker                   v         Denmark

Mid Beach Green      v          Walpole                                             Emu Point  Bye

Presentations for 1st and 2nd Division will be held at Mt BARKER GOLF immediately following the completion of Round 14 games.